Every Verge Innovation commitment is unique in that it gives us the opportunity to prove that our consultants offer new and innovative value to our customers by demonstrating why we are the highest value provider in this industry. Our approach to solve problems that are challenging to our clients. This means that we are usually dealing with very specific organizational issues and offering the right solutions that add substance to our clients. Once we educate our clients on the solution this will help achieve the desired business value, then manage the adoption of the solution by the client’s requirements.


Verge understands that the customer is the cornerstone of our business. Ensuring the business needs and problems are clearly stated without ambiguity. This is done through various requirements gathering techniques including client interviews, questionnaires, working sessions, and modeling. After an in-depth analysis the final objective is to select and agree on the appropriate solution in a manner that enables consensus among all stakeholders

Design and Development

Based upon the analysis Verge’s cloud solutions team will begin the design and development process. This includes identifying the architecture based on the business model, designed and development. Plans are laid out concerning the physical construction, hardware, operating systems, programming, communications, and security issues.

Testing and Implementation

As with any solution it’s imperative that it works as designed. nLight will ensure that the cloud solution is thoroughly tested against customer requirements to ensure the system is solving the needs addressed and gathered during the


The train the trainer approach has been adopted to ensure each customer has the appropriate knowledge of the new system. The customer will identify key personnel to work with our Verge team on the system usage and how it aligns with their business processes.

Support and Transition

Verge offers a 30-day warranty period to support the system and clients use of the system. A transition plan will be put in place to ensure the customer is confident and capable to adapt to their new IT Solution.

The Approach

Phase I


Phase III


Phase II

Design & Development

Phase IV